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7 Experts Tips For Green Cleaning Maryland

Most people are unknowingly guilty of polluting air, land and water while cleaning and sanitising their homes because they repeatedly use commercial cleaners riddled with harmful chemicals.

The majority of store-bought cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other dangerous ingredients like sodium hypochlorite, ammonia, sodium hydroxide, 2-Butoxyethanol, etc.

These VOCs and chemicals impact your home’s indoor air and your surroundings, causing chronic respiratory conditions, headaches, asthma, allergies, and many other health problems. Therefore, it is crucial you stop using commercial cleaners and look for green cleaning alternatives.

If you are at the end of tenancy and need to perform bond cleaning (that requires the usage of several products), consider hiring green cleaning services in Maryland who can sanitise your property safely.

green cleaning

Green Cleaning Services In Maryland | Happy Maids Green Cleaning

But, for keeping your home neat and sanitary generally, here are seven expert tips for green cleaning. Have a look.

1. Pay Attention to Natural Cleaning Agents in Your Home

Several household products can be used for degreasing, sanitising, and making your home sparkle. These include baking soda, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, lemon and antimicrobial essential oil, among other things.

These ingredients are easy to use, non-toxic and economical compared to store-bought cleaners. You can use them to sanitise almost any household surface, fixture or object like green move in cleaners in Maryland as they are safe and organic.

2. Invest in a Steam Cleaner

Decrease your usage of commercial cleaners by purchasing a steam cleaner with multiple attachments. With this equipment, you can sanitise and disinfect several areas and fixtures in your home with only water. Here’s what you can clean.

  • Floors, countertops, slabs, and other flat surfaces
  • Stove, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, coffee maker, etc.
  • Sink, washbasins, bathtub, shower glass & area, tiles, grouts and toilets
  • Windows and doors
  • Carpets, upholsteries, curtains, mattresses, cushions, and beddings

Steam can reach a temperature over 300 degree Celsius and kill bacteria, viruses and mould instantly on contact. Plus, it removes grease, grime and gunk without elbow grease.

Thus, it is effective and efficient to sanitise with steam cleaners, especially surfaces and fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen.

3. Get Microfiber Green Cleaning Products

Mops, cloths, towels, wipes, dusters and other cleaning tools made with microfiber material are durable, washable and more eco-friendly than their plastic counterparts.

The material has an asterisk design that makes it antimicrobial and traps dust, dirt, debris, and contaminants without requiring cleaners. In addition, microfiber products can clean excellently dry or with water, making them suitable for green cleaning.

4. Make Homemade Cleaners

You can make several effective cleaning and sanitising solutions/pastes at home using ingredients already in your pantry.

Here are some recipes you can try.

  • Baking Soda Paste: Add water, baking soda, and dishwashing liquid to make a runny paste and sanitise any house area.
  • Multi-Surface Cleaner: Mix warm water and white vinegar in equal proportions. Next, add one-two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid and 5-10 drops of essential oil of choice. Please substitute vinegar with baking soda when cleaning natural stone surfaces.
  • Cleaning/Disinfecting Paste: Mix cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide to make a paste that can clean and disinfect multiple areas.
  • Versatile Disinfectant: In a spray bottle, mix water (distilled preferred) and rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl & 30% water) in equal proportions. Use the solution to disinfect surfaces, gadgets, fixtures, etc., in your home after cleaning.
green cleaning

Green Cleaning Services In Maryland | Happy Maids Green Cleaning

5. Avoid Air Fresheners

Most store-bought air fresheners contain xylene, formaldehyde, benzene and several other volatile organic compounds that pollute air/land/water and make household members sick.

o ensure your home smells fresh without chemicals, add lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus or other essential oils to cleaning solutions like green cleaning services in Maryland.

You can also make a homemade room freshener by mixing one part water, one part rubbing alcohol and a few drops of essential oils of choice in a spray bottle.

6. Replace Chemical Cleaners Gradually

The ease of use of commercial cleaners makes it difficult to stop utilising them, which why you should gradually make the shift to natural cleaning agents.

Start small like sanitising one fixture or areas with organic ingredients, dusting with microfiber cloths, making a small batch of homemade cleaner for testing etc. As you acquire the habit of using natural products for cleaning and disinfecting your home, it will be easier to replace commercial cleaners.

7. Clean Regularly

Make sure every surface and fixture in your home is cleaned and sanitised regularly to eliminate the need for strong chemical cleaners. Often people only wash or sanitise household areas and things when they become heavily soiled, meaning they use more products riddled with dangerous chemicals.

Less product, water and elbow grease are required when you regularly clean – preventing air/water/land pollution, wastage of water and exposure to harmful chemicals.

The Bottom Line

Green cleaning is easy, safe and rewarding when you know how to do it and decreases your dependency on commercial cleaners.

It is good for the environment and your health, which is why follow the tips mentioned above to spruce your home like professional green cleaning services in Maryland and avoid interaction with dangerous chemicals.