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Home Cleaning VA: Keep your home clean and free from coronavirus

Ways to keep your home free and clean from coronavirus

Practicing good hygiene at home has become a matter of utmost importance with the advent of Covid-19 in Australia and the Globe. Health experts are constantly addressing various methods to home cleaning VA, MD and DC areas and to minimize potential risks of virus spread. One may want to opt for house cleaning services VA, MD and DC areas for better results.

Some simple yet effective actions of home cleaning VA, MD and DC areas and safety could come to your rescue, while you fear being caught up with this deadly disease.

A few of them are:

1. Taking off footwear while you enter your houses.

2. Keeping newly bought items in sunlight before using them.

3. Sanitizing high-touch areas and items like doorknobs, mobile phones, and television remotes.

4. Wiping furniture of the house in ‘S’ shaped pattern to ensure all areas are covered while cleaning.

With the increasing importance of sanitization, many questions arrive in the minds of masses. A few of them have been covered to increase awareness about home safety.

How effective of cleaning agent bleach is for the coronavirus?

Bleach is one of the strongest disinfectants. It effectively kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is easily available at cheaper rates and is widely used as a surface disinfectant.

The right method to use it is by applying some amount of bleach on a cloth and wiping off desks, doors, etc.

However, it should be used with caution as it is highly reactive with other chemicals. One should avoid inhaling bleach at any cost because it causes agitation to the skin and mucous membranes of the body.

Moreover, improper dilution of bleach may reduce its disinfection efficiency and can bring about health hazards.

What are the recommendations for cleaning children’s toys to prevent COVID-19?

While CDC(Centers for disease control) states that children are at lower risk for Covid-19 than adults, children may catch up with the virus by contaminated toys.

The way the virus reaches a person’s body is by hand-to-mouth contact. Babies tend to put up everything they see around in their mouths. So, one must take special precautions to clean toys and items that babies are especially attached to.

Here are a few ways to clean children toys:

1. Use diluted bleach to clean plastic, metal and rubber made toys. Add some bleach to a tub with a generous amount of water. Allow these non-porous toys to immerse in this solution for some time.

Later, wash the toys with plain water.

2. For the items that cannot be submerged in a bleach solution like cardboards and wooden legos, use alcohol-containing sprays and wipes to clean. Allow the surface of these items to completely dry up after cleaning.

3. Disposing of filled up and tattered paper books can help in minimizing the risks of virus. Since papers cannot be cleaned with solutions and sprays, make sure children do not use the same magazine or book for a longer time.

With all other areas being prone to higher risks of the virus, people are left with no choice but to stay at homes. Hence, we need to ensure that the place we are staying is safe to live in.

Hiring professionals of home cleaning VA, MD and DC areas could be a great advantage.

People need to take responsibility for their safety; it isn’t that difficult if one chooses appropriate methods to home cleaning VA, MD and DC areas.