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Residential Deep Cleaning

Cleaning can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large area to cover and very little time to spare.

Regular cleaning is done daily and aims at maintaining some level of cleanliness around the house.

However, residential deep cleaning in Maryland takes an extensive approach to get rid of all the dirt and grime that goes deep beyond the surfaces of your home.

This article gives a short checklist of what is included in residential deep cleaning to give you a good idea of what to expect after hiring cleaning professionals in Maryland


A kitchen is one of the areas of a home that gets dirty quickly due to the constant activities that occur. Grease, smoke, and food splatters can leave your cabinets and kitchen appliances filthy.

Regular cleaning may involve wiping down visible surfaces, washing dirty utensils, tidying up your countertops, and cleaning the floor.

A residential deep cleaning in a kitchen would include cleaning behind, under, and inside appliances, interior range hood and filters, and refrigerator coils.

It also includes disinfecting knobs, switches, and other small kitchen appliances.

Other areas covered by a residential deep cleaning service include grout lines on countertops or backsplashes, and inside drawers and cabinets.

With a thorough deep clean, you are sure to eliminate the food remnants and grease buildup from all surfaces in your kitchen.


Regular cleaning service in a bathroom will clean and dust all visible surfaces such as the shower, mirror, toilet, and vanity.

However, a residential deep cleaning service goes deeper than what is covered regularly.

It will involve scrubbing grout, removing lime scale and soap scum from fixtures, cleaning inside medicine cabinets and vanities, and deep cleaning your shower doors, curtains, and crevices.

It also takes care of other hygiene aspects such as disinfecting knobs and wastebaskets in the bathroom.

Because of time and other chores that need to be completed within the day, your regular cleaning service may not thoroughly cover the baseboards and doorframes.

Extensive cleaning leaves your bathroom sparkling clean and sanitized since bathrooms are prone to bacteria and other viruses that are attached to various surfaces.

General Spaces

During normal cleaning, you are will be more focused on wiping down surfaces, cleaning floors, and putting things where they belong.

Residential deep cleaning services in Maryland for general spaces may involve cleaning under furniture, wiping light fixtures and ceiling fans, and dusting individual decorations.

Other services include vacuuming and cleaning upholstery, dusting lampshades, wiping vent covers, cleaning windowsills, scrubbing walls, and polishing furniture.

As you can see, the list is extensive and covers any area that may be neglected or hard to reach during regular cleaning.

Once you get your general spaces thoroughly cleaned, it will take you less effort to maintain them regularly with weekly cleaning.

These spaces do not get gunky as quickly as the kitchen and the bathroom because they are not prone to water or food sources.

Benefits of a Residential Deep Cleaning Service

Residential deep cleaning is an occasional service that is offered for a specific purpose.

You can always schedule it when moving into a new home or when moving out to give new owners a clean start. Not only does it give your home a fresh start but also helps you declutter and simplify.

Using a cleaning service can make your job a lot easier than doing it yourself as they work as a team.

Working alone could leave you very exhausted and you may not cover all areas perfectly as the professionals do.

The cleaning staff has a specific cleaning routine that they follow and are knowledgeable on how to clean every part of your home safely.

They can free up your time because you can do other things while they handle the dirty work. Because they came specifically to get rid of all the dirt and grime in your home, they never get tired of the work they do until it is complete.

Although you can handle a residential deep cleaning project by yourself, it takes a lot of time, effort, and a variety of cleaning products and equipment to get the job done.

Hiring a professional cleaning service in Maryland can save you a lot since you can always negotiate on costs and get the best results than doing it yourself.

You can always contact Happy Maids Green Cleaning in Maryland to get a free quote for your residential deep cleaning project.