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At the onset, it is vital to stress that there is no standard time that can be considered the exact duration, which can be consumed while deep house cleaning in Maryland

The variation is often caused by the state of the house in question or its current condition. The amount of clutter and tiny debris can also affect heavily the amount of time one needs to clean the house.

Other factors may include the number of rooms in the house and the existing furniture and household items which could necessitate a lot of moving hence implying that each house will need a different amount of time to clean.

However, this article will delve deep and at least give a reasonable estimate with all variables taken into consideration for a deep house cleaning.

The key and chief secret are to dedicate a few days and apportion your time well to avoid draining yourself to the last ounce of strength that you possess.

This can aid to guarantee that you have the right focus to address each part of the house thoroughly hence eliminating the essence of doing the deep house cleaning often and repetitively because you did it shoddily and in haste.

Apportioning Time and Scheduling

It is imperative that you set apart a few days, which ought to be around 6 or 7 days approximately for a deep house cleaning in Maryland. As you do this, it is also crucial for you to know what deep house cleaning involves to make sure that you will not approach this task blindly and devoid of a proper plan.

Deep house cleaning involves some well-defined tasks both grand and menial and they range from dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, emptying the trash, tidying the bedroom, scouring surfaces, doing the dishes, removing cobwebs, and cleaning the ceiling and other hidden areas altogether.

After considering this, it is easy to have an elaborate and detailed outline about what to undertake every day in the six or seven dedicated days.

  • Day 1 can entail proper kitchen cleaning including the appliances, dusting, and cleaning the kitchen surfaces.
  • Day 2 can be dedicated to cleaning the bedrooms including dusting and cleaning the mirrors and windows respectively.
  • Day 3 should involve cleaning the bathrooms. This includes the sinks, showers, toilets while also mopping the floors and leaving them dry and squeaky clean.
  • Day 4 is for the living room. This involves dusting followed by cleaning all the cabinets and making sure that the skirting is cleaned well as it depicts some blemish in your otherwise exemplary executed task if the skirting is not cleaned. Vacuuming is then done as the final endeavor in the living room.
  • Day 5 is for the dining room whereas the final and last day is utilized well to clean the staircase and any halls if present.

Estimated Hours

It is worth noting that more time shall be consumed in case you have some additional cleaning to do such as laundry, appliance cleaning such as refrigerator or oven, gutters or the curtains and beddings among others.

On average, it is normally estimated that an apartment with one bedroom and one bathroom will require roughly 2 and a half hours per week to clean. A home with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom will take around 3 and a half hours per week.

A 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom home will consume 4 and a half hours per week of decent deep cleaning. A 4-bedroom and 3-bathroom home will demand 6 and a half hours per week for the same. Finally, a 5-bedroom and 5-bathroom home will require a colossal 8 hours of cleaning per week.

As mentioned earlier, these timelines may vary depending on the reasons mentioned in the foregoing.

Why Have An Approximation Of A Deep House Cleaning?

This rough estimate is vital as it should guide or steer you and ideally, you can expect to spend slightly less or more time in relation to the above estimates premised on your efficiency, consistency, and effective utilization of the available time.

More so, if the deep house cleaning is done frequently, it only implies that less time will be consumed in the subsequent cleaning sessions and conversely, more time and effort will be expended if the deep house cleaning is done sparingly and erratically.

You should therefore use the aforementioned as a decent and realistic estimate to guide you accordingly to ensure that you save on time and are fully aware and cognizant of any laxity in case you commence lagging behind or encounter any other derailing factors in your deep house cleaning.

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