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Why You Need Professionally Cleaned Tiles?

Have you ever thought about the state of the tiles in your home? Maybe you’ve been embarrassed about having guests in your house or concerned about the health of your family.

Perhaps you’ve tried a variety of products to clean your tiles that took a lot of time and effort, yet had only limited success.

Or you might believe that having professionally cleaned tiles isn’t that significant.

Even if you aren’t worried about how clean your tiles are, there are 4 very important reasons for employing a professional tile cleaner in your home that you need to consider.

Bacteria and fungi that grow on tiles can make us sick

The organic residues left on our tiles are perfect breeding grounds for many strains of bacteria and mold, some of which can make us extremely unwell.

This is particularly true in high moisture environments such as bathrooms and kitchens, which is usually where tiles are installed. These are often high traffic areas, which also increases the surface contamination.

The availability of free moisture in these areas, combined with remnants from things such as our bodies, soaps, and cleaners, creates an ideal situation for those unwanted germs to thrive.

Young children and infants are especially at risk, due to their higher exposure to the area through crawling and playing, and their immature immune systems.

Unlike using store-bought cleaners and trying to do it yourself, professional floor cleaners are able to successfully remove not only the potentially dangerous germs but the microscopic debris that feeds them, potentially saving you and your family exposure to severe illness.

Store bought cleaners can actually damage your floors (and your health!)

Many store-bought cleaners are inappropriate for certain flooring materials, and the harsh solvents they contain can not only leave your floor improperly cleaned, but cause it to deteriorate while exposing you to harmful chemicals in the process.

Professional cleaners have years of experience and are trained in matching the correct cleaning methods to particular issues, and specific types of flooring, ensuring your floors are cleaned appropriately and without damage.

Floors look better and last longer with professionally cleaned tiles

Professional cleaned tiles prolongs the life of your tiles and keeps them looking their best by maintaining color, brilliancy and strength, and aids in preventing fading and deterioration.

Unclean tiles are not only unsightly, but the accumulation of dirt and debris can weaken grout and culminate in tiles that chip, crack or become loose. After an appropriate professional clean, your tiles will not only look like new, but your whole house will appear to be brighter and fresher, adding to your home’s comfort and value.

Professional cleaned tiles saves you time and effort

Instead of spending hours attempting to scrub your tiles, wasting precious time and money on chemicals that still leave you with a disappointing result, let us use our experience and specialized equipment to give you a professionally cleaned tiles in a fraction of the time.

If you need any assistance in cleaning the tiles in your home, Happy Maids Green Cleaning is here to help so give our team a call today to discuss!