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6 Things Professional House Cleaners Do That Homeowners Don’t

The benefits of hiring a house cleaning service will always outweigh the one and only con – it costs money!

However, a lot of homeowners still believe they shouldn’t have to pay someone to do a job that they can probably do themselves; the keyword being ‘probably’ here!

The truth is, no one can clean a house quite like a true professional can, and there is plenty of concrete evidence to prove it!

With that said, if you need a little persuading, today, Happy Maids Green Cleaning is sharing six very important things that professional house cleaners do that homeowners don’t. Read on.

1. They Clean Beyond the Surface

The words “out of sight, out of mind” could not be truer when it comes to the average homeowner cleaning their living space. To them, it’s all about surface cleaning to make their home look neat and clean, but what lies beneath the surface tells a different story. For example, how often do you clean your bedroom floor but forget to clean underneath your bed? What about the grime and dirt hiding under your bathroom sink?

When you hire a professional house cleaners, you can rest assured that the many hidden or concealed areas in your home will be cleaned regularly to prevent dust, dirt, and grime buildup.

2. They Sterilize Your Home

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are aware of the need to sterilize their home which includes all the common hotspots for germs. With that said, very few homeowners know how to sanitize household surfaces, or simply don’t have the time to do it.

Moreover, there is a major misconception regarding the ways in which a house should be sanitized; some believe cleaning is enough, or spraying on a disinfectant does the trick – well, it doesn’t.

Cleaning and sanitizing go hand in hand; in order to achieve the latter, the former must be done first. Fortunately, you can hire a professional house cleaner who specializes in sterilizing homes effectively by cleaning the space thoroughly, and sanitizing surfaces thereafter.

3. They Use the Right Equipment, Products, and Techniques

More often than not, subpar cleaning results are owed to improper techniques, tools, and products used. The overall effectiveness of cleaning is dependent on these three factors combined; therefore, even if you have the right equipment and products, not knowing how to use them correctly will leave you disappointed with the results.

Professional house cleaners, on the other hand, know all the cleaning secrets that the average homeowner doesn’t, and will implement them in the service to ensure satisfactory results. Remember, there is always a more efficient and effective way to do a cleaning task, and professional housekeepers have first-hand knowledge and experience of that!

4. They Clean Faster

Have you ever spent hours upon hours on household cleaning and felt completely exhausted by the end of it? Even worse, have you had to leave a cleaning task halfway through because you just don’t have enough time to finish it?

Well, you’re not the only one. Lack of time is the number one reason why homeowners are unable to prioritize house cleaning and hence, spend most of their weekends overwhelmed with chores that have piled up during the week.

The good news is if you need your home cleaned quickly yet thoroughly, there’s no one out there who will meet those requirements like an experienced and skilled cleaning professional!

Not only do they know where to start and where to end (which matters when the time factor is concerned), house cleaners are trained to work in a time-efficient manner, and are typically flexible with schedules so you can avail their services as per your convenience.

5. They Stick to a Schedule

Personal cleaning schedules are hard to stick to considering the fact that homeowners have so many other responsibilities that also need their time and attention. This results in irregular house cleaning which, in turn, leaves your home messy and dirty.

One of the most appealing perks of hiring a recurring cleaning service is that you never have to worry about cleaning and tidying up because you’ve got a team of professionals house cleaners maintain a spotless home for you!

Whether you are looking for daily, weekly, or bi-weekly house cleaning services, you can rest assured that your house cleaner will arrive right on schedule for every appointment.

6. They Never ‘Skip’ a Cleaning Task

As homeowners, we are all guilty of skipping one or two cleaning tasks on the schedule for some reason or the other. Whether it’s lack of time or sheer laziness, skipping a cleaning task typically means having to spend more time and energy on it the next time around due to excess grime/dirt buildup.

This can be a vicious cycle because the harder a cleaning task appears to be, the more likely you are to skip it.

For professional house cleaners, challenging house cleaning tasks are right up their alley! More importantly, professional house cleaners must adhere to a strict cleaning checklist when providing a service; therefore, they cannot skip a cleaning task that is included in their package (as agreed upon by both parties at the time of hiring the cleaning service).

If you’ve ever needed one good reason to hire a professional cleaning service, we’ve just given you six!

So, leave the burden of home cleaning in the hands of trained and experienced professionals like Happy Maids Green Cleaning because they guarantee to do all the things that homeowners don’t, and more!