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8 Reasons To Choose A Virginia Green Cleaning Contractor

Virginia green cleaning contractors are increasingly engaged with the demands of their “green” customers to provide ever more environmentally friendly services.

Although many are slowly moving with the times and integrating green approaches to eco green office cleaning in their day-to-day practices, some are already well-established as eco-conscious companies that are ready to do their bit for the environment.

Thinking of appointing a new Virginia green cleaning contracting firm?

Here’s why you should opt for a Virginia green cleaning contractor  with impeccable green credentials.

virginia green cleaning

Green Cleaning Services in Virginia, Maryland & DC Areas | Happy Maids Green Cleaning

1. Your Brand and Mission Statement

Many businesses are engaged with how their environmental policies reflect on their public image. In corporate headquarters, good work in the field can be undone by appointing Virginia cleaning firms that don’t understand the need for a green way of operating.

Your corporate mission statement might easily be breached if your choice of cleaners is not an environmentally-engaged company.

In other words, if your businesses is branded as one that is environmentally friendly, then you had better make sure that your cleaners are also on board or your brand will soon become tarnished.

virginia green cleaning

Green Cleaning Services in Virginia, Maryland & DC Areas | Happy Maids Green Cleaning

2. Better Cleaning

There is something of a myth about certain green cleaning products in so far as they are sometimes considered to be not quite as good as the leading brands.

However, this is not the case. When dirt builds up on the upholstered surfaces of an office space, such as the carpets and computer chairs, there is a surface tension which is created in the fabric.

This resists standard cleaning agents and means that removing stains takes more manual effort. In some cases, normal cleaning products will only be able to partially remove stains and spillages.

However, micriolysis – a process which is encouraged by many green cleaning agents – breaks down the aforementioned surface tension.

This, therefore, means that soiled upholstery can be brought back to a good-as-new state with minimal effort. As a result, general cleaning contractors can keep carpets and chairs in mint condition using green cleaning products, without the need for specialist sub-contractors and stain removers.

3. Green Disinfection

When it comes to removing germs from key areas of an office, such as the toilet and kitchen facilities, green disinfection products also offer benefits.

Firstly, many of them are produced for working with agricultural machinery and food processing plants so that soil contamination is minimized from potentially harmful agents, like bleach.

Preventing accidental consumption of these agents, for example when they’ve been used on food preparation work tops, green disinfection products do a superb job but without harming people.

This is a particular issue when drinking water taps are wiped over with disinfectants and then used by office workers to get a drink soon afterwards.

4. VOC Free

Most green cleaning products are free from volatile organic compounds.

VOCs are organic chemicals which create a high level of vapour pressure at office temperature and can therefore be breathed in easily.

By avoiding them, Virginia green cleaning contractors make your office much better for everyone to work in, especially if they suffer from any sort of respiratory condition, such as asthma.

virginia green cleaning

Green Cleaning Services in Virginia, Maryland & DC Areas | Happy Maids Green Cleaning

5. Longer Lasting

A good number of cleaning products are packed with chemicals that have an instant effect on office cleaning but don’t last that long. Indeed, some achieve effects that wear out in a matter of hours.

On the other hand, many green cleaning products are designed with naturally long-lasting and friendly ingredients. As a result, their effect can sometimes last for days.

Virginia Green Cleaning Contractor

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