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Having a cleaner for the first time might make you may wonder what to do to prepare. Should you straighten up? Should you clean for the Maryland Maid Service?

Figuring out what to do to ready the house for a first-time cleaning service can be unclear.

Happy Maids Green Cleaning has your back. Here are five things you can do to prepare the house for your Maryland maid service.

5 Things to Do Before Your Maryland Maid Service Arrives

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1. Put Your Personal Belongings Away

The only person qualified to handle personal belongings and valued keepsakes is you. This doesn’t go for just money, passports, and jewelry.

Valued knick-knacks, books, and antiques are all things that count.

Before the Maryland maid service arrives, make sure you have scanned the house for any items you don’t want to be misplaced.

Clear them off of places like the dining room table, or other areas where they may just be sitting out. This way, as the cleaning service is tidying up, they can avoid putting the item somewhere it doesn’t go.

2. Pick up Any Clothes or Laundry Around the House

Most cleaning services won’t take care of laundry. If you have dirty clothes, sheets, and other items lying around the house, it would be best to pick them up.

Check in the bathroom, bedroom, or laundry room and make sure to put everything in the washer or a hamper.

Placing the items in one spot lets you enjoy your fresh home after the cleaning team has made its way through.

3. Secure Your Pets, If Necessary

Every Maryland maid service has a different rule about pets. Some companies are okay with friendly dogs or cats walking around the house while the cleaning is in progress.

Other companies want any animals placed in a crate or another secure location.

At Happy Maids Green Cleaning, in Maryland, we are comfortable with friendly animals being out. Just be sure to pick up after them before we arrive.

If an animal has aggressive tendencies, please secure them.

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4. Decide Whether to Arm Your Security System

If you’re not home during the cleaning and have a security system, you may not be sure how to lock up.

One thing you can do is leave the arming and disarming information for the cleaning team.

If you don’t want to share that information, though, leave your security system disarmed so that we can clean your home.

5. Clear Any Dirty Dishes

When you arrive home after the cleaners have finished, you want to feel relaxed at the sight of your sparkling house. The presence of dirty dishes can ruin that good feeling.

Before the Maryland cleaning service arrives, place dirty dishes in the dishwasher. This way, few objects are in the way.

Your cleaners can do a more thorough job — and you don’t have to worry about the dishes later!

Happy Maids Green Cleaning Offers Customizable Cleaning Plans for Your Property

Cleaning before the cleaning team arrives is not necessary.

Just clear up a few things so that the cleaning team can have an easier time completing what they need to.

For extra thorough cleaning services and excellent customer service, contact Happy Maids Green Cleaning.

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