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Myths Around Hiring Professional Domestics Cleaners

Through our long practise in the industry we have seen and heard it all. We even had some very interesting cases – clients, with really busy schedules, struggling to keep their homes clean by themselves. Why?

Sometimes after the job is done, our clients admit, they have bee avoiding hiring professional domestic cleaners for years (although they’ve desperately needed a hand), because of the some of the reasons listed below.

And, surprisingly, it is these clients who call us the most often after they get first-hand experience of the benefits of professional cleaning service.

Let’s check which are the most common myths, preventing people from easing their everyday life.

Myth No. 1: Hiring Professional Domestic Cleaners is Expensive

Nowadays there are as many home cleaning companies, as there are stars in the sky. And you can find all kinds of prices – from suspiciously low to unbelievably high.

We guarantee you, that with some good research, you will be able to find a company that can meet your cleaning needs at reasonable prices. You can either search for the service you need in Google, or ask friend or neighbour.

Search for professional cleaning company in the exact area – for example professional domestic cleaners in Northern Virginia.

You will be surprised how many people actually hire professional domestic cleaners without paying a fortune.

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Myth No. 2: Valuable Items Might Go Missing or Get Broken

This can never happen when you hire certified professional domestic cleaners!

Every business relies on their reputation and the owners make everything possible to ensure their teams meet the highest industry standards.

Reliable cleaning companies (including Happy Maids Green Cleaning) only work with certified professionals, with clean background. Trustworthy companies provide their clients with insurance, money-back guarantee and always hire skilled cleaners to make sure nothing will get damaged during their work.

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Myth No. 3: Professional Domestic Cleaners Will Try to Cut Corners

This may be true when you work with an individual freelancing cleaner. However, when you hire professional domestic cleaners you require all the services you need in advance.

After you discuss all details you are usually provided with a cleaning checklist, and you can see if all tasks are completed in a satisfying manner.

Moreover, professional domestic cleaners will let you know in advance if there is some job, they cannot handle – this might be cleaning a stubborn old stain from your sofa, or steam cleaning an antique oriental carpet.

Myth No. 4: Professional Domestic Cleaners Always Use Toxic Cleaning Products

More and more companies nowadays turn to eco-friendly options rather than using harsh chemical products – both for the sake of their clients and themselves.

Professional domestic cleaners spend their days surrounded by various solutions and when there is a safer certified alternative – they don’t hesitate to use it. There are only 2 cases when experts might utilise harsh cleaner.

The first is when the client insists on using particular products the second is as a last resort to deal with some really tough job.

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Myth No. 5: People Will Think That I am a Snob

Surprisingly, many people don’t call for professional help, because they are afraid what others will say.

Hiring professional domestic cleaners in Northern Virginia isn’t snobby and it doesn’t mean you are incapable of dealing with your chores.

Calling cleaning experts means just 1 thing – you want great results, without sacrificing your free time. A client of ours once said, that after hiring us she could finally enjoy a party at her home, without having to worry who’s dealing with the mess afterwards.

Myth No. 6: I Don’t Need Help on Daily Basis, so Why Hiring Professional Domestic Cleaners?

There is no rule stating that you need to hire home cleaner on daily basis. Companies offer wide variety of cleaning plans. Be it regular domestic cleaning for a few hours a week, or once a month, or after party clean-up – it’s your choice.

Some companies can even offer a cleaning schedule, customised to meet your specific requirements.

Next time you have to clean the house and hesitate to call professional cleaning service, remember – you can deal with the chores on your own, or you can enjoy your free day – but you can’t do both.