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Happy Maids Green Cleaning is a five-star, luxury green cleaning service Washington DC for a reason. It is because we pride ourselves in doing a thorough job without cutting any corners when providing our EXEMPLARY green cleaning service Washington.

We hold ourselves and our team of professionally trained cleaning consultants to the highest standards and would not expect anything less.

Expect The Highest Standards

High standards are our mantra when providing our green cleaning service Washington and it’s what sets us worlds apart from other cleaning services. Having your home or apartment cleaned by Happy Maids Green Cleaning is the equivalent to a 5 star hotel service.

Not only do we do a top to bottom thorough cleaning job, but our unique personal services include many upgrades such as aromatherapy with lavender, lemongrass, or jasmine essential oils.

You will love our complete bedroom turn-down service with complimentary bed top gifts like organic chocolates.

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Only Green Cleaning Service Washington With Us

Even our cleaning products are of the highest quality and standards. Happy Maids Green Cleaning is committed to the health of our planet and our clients. We carry our own eco-friendly, non toxic, and all natural plant based cleaning products when cleaning our client’s homes.

These products have never been tested on animals and are safe for you, your children, and your pets.

When you return home, you will have a chemical-free home as your sanctuary. Chemical free also means you won’t smell any chemicals or cleaning supplies.

All you will smell is fresh air mixed with a hint of plant based oils essential oils to soothe the soul.

Cutting Corners; How Is That Possible?

On occasion we might receive a request to do a light green cleaning service Washington or a request to lower our standards of a complete full clean. However for the team at Happy Maids Green Cleaning, cutting corners is not an option.

We are not even exactly sure how to only do a partial or light cleaning. Here are some things that our expert cleaners would never do.

  • partially dust a table
  • sweep only half the floor
  • don’t clean in the corners
  • wipe down only one appliance
  • clean one side of a mirror
  • only wash one towel

A partial clean is something that we would never do. It goes against everything we stand for as a company since our motto is, “good enough simply isn’t good enough”.

We wouldn’t want to provide any service that is half done. We want our clients to enjoy the full home luxury experience every time we visit.

There Is Magic In The Details And We Pay Attention

Always stepping above the ordinary, our experienced staff pays attention to those small details that mean so much to our Virginia, Maryland and DC areas clients.

Our green cleaning service Washington is thorough and we leave no item left unturned.

We go above and beyond the basics. We also care about your indoor air quality. Therefore you will notice extra details that we pay close attention to.

A few examples would be:

  • all fixtures cleaned
  • under the bed cleaning
  • baseboards cleaning
  • under furniture cleaning
  • ceiling fans
  • kitchen detailing
  • corners from floor to ceiling

green cleaning service washington

Ready For The Happy Maids Green Cleaning Experience?

We know we are the best green cleaning service Washington company, but don’t take our word for it. We’d love to provide you with top quality services for your Virginia, Maryland and DC areas home or apartment.

We are here to answer any questions you have about our 5-star luxury green cleaning service Washington.

We’re also happy to customize a recurring cleaning service package for you! Give us a call at 240-681-5092 or contact us with your questions.